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Official Rules for my Teen Wolf Drinking Game tonight

Take a sip:

The words “alpha”, “banshee”, “mountain ash”, or “benefactor” are spoken.

Wolf eyes.

Shirtless boys.

Every time Holland Roden and her goddamn beautiful hair makes you question your sexuality.

If Lydia tilts her head while attempting to figure something out.


Banshee scream.

Badass Kitsune moves.

Stiles does something that makes your heart hurt.

Stiles does something that makes me love him more.

I notice Posey’s uneven jawline.

Peter gets sassy as fuck.

Derek gets sassy as fuck.

Father/son moments. (Even if not actual father/son)…

Mother/daughter moments.

Every time I am legitimately shocked at something.

Every time I wish that kid that plays Liam wasn’t 16.

Romantic moment between any couple.

Sexual tension.


KATE ARGENT or her scary things show up.

If I’m legit creeped the fuck out.

If the any of the lists are shown.

Dead body.

Anyone who was supposed to be dead isn’t.

Sexual attraction to Dylan O’brien.

Stiles is smarter than he should be.

Take a shot:

Character death.

Benefactor reveal.

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"Yeah. You’re not a fan."

-5.08, Changing Channels.

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21st birthday Teen Wolf drinking game because all my friends live too far away and no one goes out on mondays.

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Flaunt Magazine 2013

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